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Founders, Yes PleaseHello and Welcome.
My name is Emily and I am a self-proclaimed Michigan Beer Groupie. Hmmm. That sounds like I will put out for beer. (well, it really depends on the beer, but digression is a must at this juncture) Michigan Beer Fan is too lame. All beer drinkers in Michigan are fans. The title of “Beervangelist” is taken by my new acquaintance Fred and since I am VP of his fan club I won’t encroach on that title.

I’m an adult convert to the wonderful state of Michigan. I hated it here growing up. Plain and simple. I couldn’t wait to leave. Now, twelve + years back after a decade spent living around the country, I am proud to be from Michigan and am on a quest to find the awesome small things Michigan has to offer, using the Quest for 318+ as a backbone for the trip. More importantly, I’m in search of those small town people who make this state what it is: Gritty, Interesting, Passionate and Proud. Something says I will find a bit more about myself in the process.

Today, I am more of the one running around telling everyone how awesome this beer, that brew pub or this festival or that park is. Sometimes, this leads to shocking this person or that when I can name the beer/brewery they drank some great concoction from. It is good to be a beer nerd.

This girl is definitely no expert. I know a little bit about a lot of things. Knitting, skydiving, healthcare, and quilting are but some of the few. I find myself consumed with bright shiny objects and surround myself with friends who know a hell of a lot more than I do. It is to honor them, I raise my glass in silent thanks over and over for teaching me their ways, putting up with my insane number of questions and tolerating my insane passions for the next best beer.

So if you happen to run into me at a pub, in a market, or at a festival, please say hello–but be ready to answer questions about your passions–and tell me about the best beer you have ever drank.



‘Mitten Beer Girl’

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