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Emily Bennett is a veteran of the US Army, a long time healthcare professional and a Michigander by birth.

Once despising her home state, she returned to find a place she never knew when young. In 2017 she successfully embarked on a Quest to visit every brewery in the State of Michigan over one calendar year. This was fueled by her passion of collecting oral histories, desire to experience the Michigan which eluded her and the growing beer industry in the state.

And yes Sean, she now knows what you meant by, “You live in Grand Rapids for god’s sake!”

Photo by: Kyle Bice


I am grateful you found your way to my website. Here is a collection of my travels, experiences and insights about beer in Michigan. Fortunately, there is more to Michigan beer than comes in a bottle or off of a shelf. Peeling back the layers of the industry is a well that has no bottom. Did you know this is one of the few states in which a beer can be created from ingredients found solely amongst our borders? Michiganders are an industrious, gritty, hearty bunch who work extremely hard at their craft. There is a collective, collaborative nature in the industry in which brewer supports brewer and business supports business. It is part of our strength and why the beer industry continues to grow, creating a growing number of opportunities for support industries such as cooperages, maltsters, hop farmers and a yeast laboratory.

While they grow, create and hone their crafts, it is my pleasure and passion to ensure their stories are told. The stories are not always of blue skies and fair winds. No, Michiganders know all about lake effect snow storms, tornados and floods. That is why enjoying Michigan beer is so gratifying. Is was made with passion, sacrifice and simple hard work.

So as you enjoy that next bottle, can or glass, please take a moment to wonder about, not just the brewer but the glass etcher, the cooper, the maltster, hop grower and scientist, canner, logistician . . .

It is my mission to encourage each one of you to follow your own quest across the Mitten to enjoy that next passionately brewed beer.



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