Experiencing ADOBSO in the World of Beer

I was introduced to the concept of ADOBSO by my dear friend and mentor Ronbo, Jedi Master, many years ago.

def: ADOBSO acronym standing for Attention Deficit Oooooh Bright Shiny Object! Generally utilized when an individual is easily distracted by, in literal terms, an object that shines or sparkles when light is applied (natural or artificial). May also be used in less literal terms to refer to an individual who is easily distracted by yet another new or exciting thing or idea.

use: “Dude, that chick has ADOBSO.” -or- “All the different beers are triggering my ADOBSO!”

So I sit here surrounded by all of my happy things: books, magazines, social media accounts, electronic doo-dads and beginning everywhere, but beginning nowhere.  There is so much to learn about beer, where to begin? I would love to say, “At the beginning,” but that beginning changes every five minutes in my scattered mind. Although seemingly frustrating that I cannot concentrate on one thing at a time, when I do concentrate I just become all the more enthusiastic about this world comprised of cultural history, scientific collaboration, artistic endeavor, community connectivity, industrial might and underdog success. And damn if it doesn’t culminate in drinking another beer representing all of these things in a glass full of goodness that makes all warm and fuzzy.

So, sitting here at 0430 listening to my dog snore, I gaze past my laptop screen at the pile of books thrilled to have a day off to feed my love of bright shiny objects. And Beer.

ADOBSO Books and things

Note: That IS a book on Whiskey. I dabble there as well. The book covered in brewery stickers is the Oxford Companion to Beer which is an essential part of my beer library. Oh, and I am Apple obsessed.

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