Good Beer Karma, Gravity Tap House & KBS

Every once in a great while, if you are right with the beer gods, you will be blessed.

A few weeks ago, while on a mini road trip with my mom (aka Beama–as she will forever here be known) we stopped to eat some White Truffle Tater Tots at Gravity Taphouse in Grand Rapids. [oh my god, get thee there they are so good]

House made tater tots, tossed with truffle-infused sea salt & served with our own hops ranch, ketchup  (Upgrade to Loaded Tots + 3 Boursin, scallion, crispy ham, cheddar cheese sauce).

Pulling in at 2100 (that is 9 pm) on a Wednesday had me surprised as the parking lot was still full. Shortly after getting a table, it became readily apparent that my nursing/paramedic karma must be blessing me. We were in the midst of their Anniversary Party. Browsing that special tap list was like an eight year old being told Santa showed up a month early.

Fortunately, Beama (who manages a golf course/country club) is well versed in her booze even if she doesn’t drink much of it. As mom’s are wont to do, she listed to her child wax poetically about how fortuitous this was while being required to sniff the wonderfulness that is Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

While quickly snapping a photo to send to Beer Mark [one of my best friends, global beer nerd/enthusiast and an all around fabulous human] and contemplating my next small pour selection it dawned on me.

Two years ago, when Gravity first opened, I sat behind that same beer menu overwhelmed. I mean completely overwhelmed. Beer was a new, strange, confusing world composed of words and foreign terms that meant nothing to my healthcare addled brain or vodka drinking palate. I was fortunate enough to be in love with hops by way of Stone IPA but wow. Just wow.

Over that time, Gravity’s flight selection hastened my education and also introduced me to the amazing palate of Angela Steil. Angela took the time to bring Ter Dolen Kriek into my world during a solo afternoon lunch I spent behind a computer.

It was quickly apparent that the taps would be flowing the next afternoon as Mark and I returned for a few more flights and a bit more self education. Although I still don’t always have the words for what I am tasting, I am no longer overwhelmed with the vast selections displayed by the 318+ breweries, brew pubs, microbreweries, restaurants and tap houses in Michigan. Instead, I am freed to continue rushing headlong into the fray, all the while searching for the next thing my brain, nose and palate are going to fall in love with.

My latest and greatest find: B Nektar’s Tuco-Style Freakout Mead

No, it isn’t all about the Beer! Michigan produces some of the most incredible ciders, mead, wines and spirits as well. Damn I love this state!



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