I’m thankful for my Stethoscope

In my ‘pay the bills’ professional life I work as an in-patient internal medicine/cardiology nurse practitioner. I work night shifts four times a week and over the past year of learning this new position in a new organization, have become so grateful for my co-workers.

What does this have to do with beer? Quite a few things.

Surprise Zombie DustTalking about craft beer was the ice breaker for many of the staff, physicians and residents I work with. Any time you begin a new job and are inundated with all the new faces, finding common ground is imperative. My love and understanding of beer was that common ground and is still a fabulous, continuous conversation. It led to birthday bomber gifts, both received and given, as well as a particular day that I found Zombie Dust with my name on it.

Oh for the love of beer and my co-workers.

This is a carry over from my days as a flight nurse. As it is completely inappropriate to have beer in a healthcare setting, these exchanges (and never consumption) were kept on the down low go now. Two of my favorite people to fly with would quietly swap favorites with me at shift change. This beer from Dogfish Head is one of my most cherished beer gifts.

Painted Lady

As we struggle through a world of divisiveness and disagreement, beer, the love of it and the people who are passionate about the craft, give me hope that there is common ground between us all. Although I am an NP by trade, I feel the pull of the Michigan craft beverage industries becoming stronger as the community is one that is composed of these small kindnesses and a shared love for something which seems frivolous from the outside but is so essential to mental wellbeing and happiness from the inside.

So, to my flight co-workers of old and my hospital co-workers of new, I am thankful that you love beer as much as I do. I am grateful that you are willing to sacrifice for a frequently thankless career in which you care for people at their worst and give up weekends and holidays with your families.

To everyone else, think a quick thanks to of all of the EMS, Fire, Police, military and healthcare professionals stuck with coffee instead of beer.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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