My Favorites: Beer Stores

I am so spoiled living in Hastings. For those who haven’t visited, Hastings is a little town almost smack dab in the middle of the triangle between Grand Rapids, Lansing and Kalamazoo. We have a brewpub called the Walldorff Brewpub & Bistro and within 45 minutes I am at the front door of Founders, Bells or any number of other well known breweries.  I even have EB Coffee and Pub between my driveway and my self-claimed parking spot at work in Wyoming.

What sometimes gets missed in the shuffle and sparkle of all the brewing establishments are the amazing choices we have to buy beer for home when you can’t get to those small places say, up in Marquette (Black Rocks Brewery) or Alpena (Austin Brothers Beer Co.). This past week I began looking at my favorite establishments from the eye of a non-Michigander.

Damn it Skippy we are all freekin’ spoiled. Much to Beer husband’s eye rolling, these places all of the sudden became photo worthy.

rishi1Rishi’s International Beverageimg_0175

If Rishi’s doesn’t have it? You don’t need it. Just like my neighborhood Ace Hardware. Rishi’s specializes in all things fermented, brewed or distilled. Need a keg of Backwoods Bastard? He’s got it. Wow.

The best part of going to Rishi’s? Rishi himself. If you have a question about anything under those categories he knows.

img_0198Siciliano’s Marketimg_0195

Where we go for date night. Beer Ben’s favorite place for home brewing supplies and my favorite place to munch on a few Maris Otter kernels while I make 6 packs of anything and everything. Yet another place filled with enthusiastic and very knowledgable staff members. Love, love, love.



G.B. Russo and Son

If I need an exotic or imported food, this is where I go. Their deli is incredible and the staff behind the counter will steer you to all the tasty things. They also happen to have an amazing beer, wine and alcohol section. Oh, and don’t forget to look for chocolate.


img_0199Bricks Station and Alto Marathon

A gas station? Seriously? YES. Oh YES. Over the past 2 years (ish) they opened Bricks Station (think the best of take out Mexican and Pizza at one place) with an impressive selection of craft beer by the bottle, or in packs. Oh yeah, you can fill up on gas or get your car washed too.



  1. Probably not new to you, but my favorites in Michigan are Tiffany’s Wine and Spirits (http://www.aatiffany.com) and
    Oppermann’s Cork ‘N’ Ale in Saginaw. Oppermann’s put on a Michigan Beer Tasting event many many years ago (before the plethora of Beer Festivals) and their selection is amazing. We are lucky to live in Michigan, that’s for sure! And congratulations on your 2017 Quest!

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