Thank you Fermenta Michigan’s Women’s Craft Collective

Fermenta Michigan Women’s Craft Collective

Fermenta is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit trade group initiated by Michigan women, committed to diversity, camaraderie, networking and eduction within the craft beverage industry.

Michigan Brewers Guild, Winter Beer Fest 2018

In early January 2015, somewhere between Michigan and Key West, I found Fermenta Michigan Women’s Craft Collective. The main topic of conversation with Ben, during that long drive, was homebrewing beer. As we were both new to the topic, I sat shotgun struggling with sketchy internet, doing Google searches for things needing clarification. Somehow, during one of those searches, I found Fermenta and became a member immediately.

I was beer curious and intuition was telling me to just go with what I was finding. The fact that they were brewing a collaboration beer at Pike 51 for Winter Beer Fest open to membership, really had me interested. Participating in brewing on a commercial system was something I’d yet to experience.

An amazing three years flew by.

Last week, while at the industry night soft opening at Gravel Bottom Craft Brewery, I was reminded of that first event by Laura, a brewer at Founders. It triggered reflection regarding where I was then and where Fermenta has encouraged me to go.   The inclusive, warm welcome I received from the women that day was representative of the camaraderie in the Michigan brewing community and and encouraged further personal exploration.

Since that day, Fermenta is a thread that is woven amongst the adventures and stories I’ve been privileged to experience including tastings, more brew days, and meet ups. I’ve also had the honor of being a scholarship awardee and, under Mitten Beer Girl, a corporate sponsor.  As the organization grows and evolves, it is exciting to imagine the course it will take as more and more women are encouraged to take part in the craft beverage industries. Although my niche is beer, my horizons have been opened to additional libations such as spirits and kombucha.

Thank you to Fermenta for my recent scholarship award during National Reading Month. I received a very will timed text titled Brewing and Distilling Yeasts by Graham G. Stewart. The timing significant due to my studies for the Certified Cicerone® examination.


If you are interested in experiencing the camaraderie and support of the Fermenta Michigan Women’s Craft Collective, please consider becoming a member.  Membership is on a rolling basis and extremely affordable.

I would also like to encourage breweries, and businesses supporting the craft industry to also take part by becoming a corporate member.


Please take a look at the most recent scholarship offerings from Fermenta here. Deadlines vary between 17 May and 1 June. These are incredible opportunities!

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