What’s In My Glass: I like a good beer buzz

To quote Sheryl Crow:

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning . . .

And therein lies the rub. I am a night shifter.  As in a true, blue Seven freekin’ PM to seven freekin’ AM four nights a week. I like to utilize the hashtag #NightShiftProblems in many of my social media posts because even after almost 12 months of keeping this almost 50 night hours a week schedule, I can’t seem to get my head, or my body, to completely conform.

God help me if anyone observes my beer consuming habits.  I tend toward the nice, dark, heavy (ah ma lass–wee heavy) beers somewhere around 0730-0800.  [prior Army, deal with the 24 hour times].

So, speaking of god, I can only imagine what the bible study attendees at the next table think of the heathen, tattooed girl at the next table. Oh if they only knew.

So, what is in my glass today? No X in Espresso at EB Coffee & Pub in Caledonia. Seemed appropriate swap for my usual black coffee when I need to sleep this morning see page. I wish it were a bit more carbonated, but at 7.0% ABV, it is nothing to scoff at. Tastes pretty damn good as well.

Little does this poor staff know that their fine establishment is between hone and my place of employment AND they serve beer at 0600. Unfortunately, from the look on the server’s face when I requested a dark, breakfast beer, this request was uncommon.

Somehow I think they will find it normal sooner rather than later.

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